HowlingKylo Candle Co™

Welcome everyone! I’m Melanie, the owner of HowlingKylo Candle Co™. I create and sell handmade wickless candles, wax melts, and dog-themed artwork. HowlingKylo Candle Co™ was started as a way to raise money for causes I care about. A portion of all proceeds are donated to service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and mental health awareness.

I enjoy making candles that help customers unwind, relax, and recover from the everyday chaos of life. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life and always found comfort in candles (and my dog Kylo, the inspiration for our Brand!). I hope you do too! Our wickless candles are safer than traditional candles, as there is no open flame (and thus no burnt noses, tails, or paws 😉). I also create artwork to cherish and display your dogs for years to come. I hope you enjoy my products and I greatly appreciate all of your support! For more information about our business and products, please continue reading below.

**Your purchase acknowledges that HowlingKylo Candle Co™ and it’s employees are not responsible for any damage or injuries caused by product neglect or misuse.**

Orders typically ship on Monday or Tuesday, and products restock every 2-3 weeks. Please verify that your shipping address is correct before placing your order. If the order is submitted and shipped with an incorrect shipping address, or an order is returned to us for any other reason, the buyer is responsible for any delays and additional postage required to resend it. In the event that an order arrives damaged or is lost during transit, each order includes up to $200 of insurance to cover a replacement or refund.

During the warm summer months, there is a chance for products to melt in transit. We do our best to avoid this by using temperature regulating packaging, while still keeping costs low. We also only ship on Mondays or Tuesdays so that your order will not sit in a hot truck or warehouse over the weekend. If your order does melt slightly, rest assured it will not affect the scent or quality of the product.


Our wax products are hand-poured in small batches using high-quality materials and ingredients. They are non-toxic, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and carcinogen-free. We also use biodegradable eco glitter, dye, and packaging peanuts. Our labels are durable and waterproof. Our lids are professionally engraved, and each lid is unique due to the natural wood grain.

Every order also includes a gift box for easy wrapping and gifting to family and friends (except for our 3 oz wax melts which instead include a gift bag).

🐾 Never used wickless candles before? Here's why we love them: 🐾

Our wickless candles are safer than standard wicked candles, and they last twice as long! With no open flame, the risk of fire or injury is lower (although not zero) than the standard candle. Wickless candles release their scent by being melted using either a candle lamp or candle warming plate. We prefer candle lamps as they are more efficient, provide better scent throw, and give off light and ambiance similar to a flame.

The average use/melt time of our wax products:

- 8 oz candle: approx. 80-100 hours
- 4 oz candle: approx. 35-45 hours
- 3 oz wax melts: approx. 40-60 hours
- 1 oz sample pack: approx. 10-15 hours

*these times can vary widely depending on use*


If you don't already have a candle lamp, candle warmer plate, or wax melt warmer, here are a few links to the one's we have tried and love! **Please always use a UL Listed electric warmer to avoid risk of fire or injury!**

- Our favorite candle lamp (from Amazon):<div>
luzdiosa Candle Warmer Lamp for Jar Candles Candle Lamp Warmer with 2 Bulbs Height Adjustable Top Down Candle Warmer with Dimmer, Compatible with Yankee Candle Large Jar & 3 Wicks Candle (Black)

- Our favorite wax melt warmers and additional lamps (from Candle Warmers Etc.):<br />

**Please see listings for full scent notes/descriptions**

Aruba Coconut
Birthday Cake (limited edition)
Candy Apple
Cocoa Irish Coffee
Cucumber & Sea Salt
Cool Citrus
Drakkar Noir (type)
Fruit Loops
Goji Berry
Grapefruit & Mint (limited edition)
Lavender Patchouli
Open Range
Vanilla Bean